Summary of NSF White Paper on the CISE BPC Plan Pilot (3/3/2019):

The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of the NSF White Paper on the CISE BPC Plan Pilot (3/3/2019), which provides guidelines for departmental plans, and guidelines for PIs in preparing meaningful and impactful plans.

Further progress in broadening participation in computing (BPC) requires an increase in the range of interventions to achieve cultural change across colleges, departments, classes, and research groups. This can be achieved through intentional, active engagement by members of the CISE research community. CISE aims to partner in facilitating cultural shifts of the academic computing community by requiring PIs to incorporate BPC plans in select CISE-funded projects.

The NSF-funded portal provides resources, support, and guidance to assist PIs in developing and implementing effective BPC activities and plans, departmental plans, and connections to a range of existing BPC-focused programs at the national level.

Recommendations and guidelines:

  • The activities of a BPC plan do NOT need to relate to research described in the proposal, nor do they need to be novel; instead, PIs can cite/leverage well-documented, proven strategies to broaden participation at national, regional, or institutional levels.
  • PIs should choose activities based on their level of BPC experience, as well as contexts of their institutions, departments, and research groups.
  • PIs are encouraged to think of the impacts of their activities in terms of who is served (number of people) and how they are served (quality and intensity of interventions).
  • To ensure sustained engagement, PIs should consider activities that are part of departmental plans, such as strategic initiatives/broadening participation efforts or a campus-wide outreach.
  • PIs and Co-PIs submitting a proposal should be involved in specified roles in the activities in the plan. The involvement of graduate students and undergraduate is encouraged.

More detailed information about BPC plans is available in the section “Elements of a BPC Plan” (pg. 3).
Guidelines for crafting a departmental plan can be found in Appendix B.
A sample BPC plan that is deemed exemplary can be found in Appendix D.


Summary Graphic of Rubric for BPC Plans (Full Rubric can be found in Appendix C).

Summary Graphic of Rubric for BPC Plans (Full Rubric can be found in Appendix C).