Diversity Drives Innovation—Take Action to Broaden Participation in Computing (BPC)

The BPCnet Resource Portal is a clearinghouse for the community to learn about and engage with ongoing projects to address the underrepresentation in computing including people who identify as women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and indigenous peoples, and persons with disabilities. (Additional groups may also be included, as described here.) BPCnet serves two key roles:

  1. Increase awareness of ongoing BPC efforts and research-based best practices for BPC.
  2. Assist departments and NSF PIs in planning and enacting impactful BPC activities.


Write a BPC Plan

All Medium NSF CISE Core Programs, Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC), and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) project proposals require an approved BPC plan by the time of award.

A Project BPC Plan is  submitted to NSF as a supplementary document that details the proposed BPC activities of the PIs. A Project BPC Plan may reference and link to one or more Departmental BPC Plans. A Departmental BPC Plan serves to coordinate BPC activities within a department and provide context for the activities proposed by PIs in their Project BPC Plan.

Write a Project BPC Plan

Guidance on how to create an impactful BPC Plan for your NSF grant.

Write a Departmental BPC Plan

Guidance on writing a Departmental BPC Plan for verification by BPCnet.

“Our research cannot reach its full potential for societal benefits if we are missing out on the ideas and intellect of a majority of our Nation’s population.  Through BPCnet, the full CISE research population will together move the needle on these issues by plugging into long-term departmental plans and community expertise.”
– Margaret Martonosi, CISE AD, National Science Foundation