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Diversity Drives Innovation—Taking Action to Change the Face of Computing

The BPCnet Resource Portal is a clearinghouse for the community to learn about and engage with ongoing projects to diversify computing. The BPCnet serves two key roles:

  1. Increase visibility of ongoing broadening participation efforts and community awareness of these efforts.
  2. Assist NSF PIs in planning meaningful Broader Impact components of their proposals.

Partnering Resources

These resources are designed to increase NSF PI understanding of, interest in, and ability to engage with existing activities designed to support BPC at All levels.

Departmental Resources

These resources are designed to simplify departments’ BPC efforts by assisting departments in establishing a plan that fits and engages in impactful projects.

White Paper on the CISE BPC Plan Pilot

This document was developed by reviewers participating in the CISE Broadening Participation pilot, as a resource for PIs as they develop plans to include with proposal submissions. To protect the confidentiality of the review process, the names of the authors are not disclosed, nor are individual proposals discussed.

Read the White PaperSummary
Table showing Developmental view of the BPC Rubric

Helpful Articles Related to Broadening Participation in Computing

“It will take committed, focused, and sustained efforts on the part of the whole computing community.”
– Jim Kurose, CISE AD, National Science Foundation
Brief Description of the CISE BPC Pilot
Picture of Jim Kurose, Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF)