Statistics & Data Hub

The Statistics & Data Hub brings together different sources of publicly-available data to support PIs and Departments in creating their BPC Plans. The Tools section contains web apps that summarize some of these public datasets. The Data section lists other useful public datasets, allowing PIs and Departments to access data more specific to their context.


Click one of the below images to access tools that display disaggregated data for computing or engineering degree recipients at your institution and K-12 enrollment, along with state and national data for additional context. These data can be included in your BPC Plan.

IPEDS degrees awarded in computing-related programs
IPEDS degrees awarded in engineering-related programs
CCD K-12 enrollment

Downloadable Datasets

Interested in recent computing or engineering degrees awarded nationally? Download a dataset of summarized IPEDS data:

Public Datasets

These initiatives release many public datasets that report data for populations defined by NSF CISE as underrepresented in computing. These may serve as other good sources of data to include in your BPC Plan:

Do you know of other public data initiatives that should be included on this list? Contact us to let us know!