Undergraduate BPC Literature Database

The Undergraduate BPC Literature Database is a database of recently published (January 2005 – March 2022) scholarly articles that expand the empirical and theoretical knowledge around broadening participation in undergraduate computing in the United States. The articles in this matrix approach broadening participation in computing (BPC) from a variety of epistemological and methodological orientations as well as with different goals and objectives, including but not limited to implementing and evaluating BPC interventions and theorizing around broader social forces that cause longstanding inequalities in computing. Accordingly, a wide array of conclusions and recommendations for broadening participation in computing are advanced by the literature included in this matrix.

The database is searchable using the filters and search box below. Please refer to the FAQ and the technical report for more details on the database and its content. This database was developed and continues to be maintained by the Momentum team at UCLA with funding from the National Science Foundation (CNS – 1940460, 1936735).

The literature database includes articles based on an explicit set of criteria as described in the technical report. If you’d like to suggest an article be added to the Undergraduate BPC Literature Database, please fill out this form.