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On September 13, 2021, NSF released a new solicitation for CISE Core Programs with updated guidance regarding BPC Plans. You can read the solicitation here: staff are in the process of updating this page to reflect these changes. Some content on this page may be outdated until updates are completed.

Overview of BPC Plans

Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) efforts are important to many NSF Directorates. While the particular requirements differ based on the program, several NSF CISE programs now require an approved BPC plan by the time of award. These programs include: All Medium and Large NSF CISE Core Programs, Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and Expeditions in Computing (Expeditions). Below, you can find information about 3 helpful BPC documents relevant to the CISE Directorate. For specific information about the BPC requirements for Expeditions in Computing, refer to this NSF link

To support BPC efforts at the Project level and Departmental level, we suggest developing the following 3 types of BPC Documents:

3 Types of BPC Documents

Plan Type Project BPC Plans Internal Departmental Documents Departmental BPC Plans
Example  See a Project BPC Plan from Colorado School of Mines. See an Internal Departmental Document from Colorado School of Mines. See a Departmental BPC Plan from Colorado School of Mines.
Duration Length of the NSF Grant Around 1-3 years Around 1-3 years
Guidance from BPCnet
BPCnet does not provide guidance for this internal document.
Submitted where NSF CISE Not submitted BPCnet; BPCnet will verify these plans
Page limit 3 pages maximum No limit 2 pages maximum
Eligible for BPCnet Consultancy support Yes No Yes
More information Read more about NSF CISE requirements for Project Plans None Watch NSF CISE AD Margaret Martonosi discuss the importance of Departmental BPC Plans