Departmental BPC Plans

A Departmental BPC Plan serves to coordinate BPC activities within a department (or college, school, or other similar unit) and provides context for the activities proposed by PIs in their Project BPC Plan.

You may also refer to the current list of verified Departmental BPC Plans, which you may use as a guide as you create your own.

Your Departmental BPC Plan is a dynamic plan that can be updated over time as your Departmental BPC activities change.

To begin, download the Template for Departmental BPC Plans:

Checklist for Departmental BPC Plans

Each Departmental BPC Plan should include the components in the following checklist, all of which are required in order to be submitted to for approval (More info).

1. Header

  • Includes the institution’s name and the name of the department.
  • Includes a start and end date for the Departmental BPC Plan.
  • Includes a date by which preparation of the next version of the Departmental BPC Plan will begin.
  • Includes the name, role, and contact information for the individuals responsible for overseeing the Departmental BPC Plan.

2. Context 

  • Relevant, currently available data is included.

Resources are available for Data and Evaluation.

3. Goals 

  • At least one specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goal is included.
  • Each goal is motivated by currently available data disaggregated by the demographic group addressed in that goal.
  • Each goal is focused on BPC as defined by NSF (race/ethnicity, gender, disability).

Resources are available for Writing BPC Goals.

4. Activities and Evaluation 

  • Each BPC goal has some activities and evaluation that are aligned with it. Additional BPC activities and evaluation that are ongoing in the department but not aligned with the provided departmental BPC goal(s) can be included with less detail.
  • Most activities are overseen by a specific person or people.
  • It is always clear whether an activity and evaluation is new or ongoing.

Resources are available for Selecting BPC Activities and Data and Evaluation.