BPC Events

BPCnet periodically hosts informational events to support departments and individuals in developing their BPC Plans. See below for more information about current and past events.

You may also be interested in our BPC Community Calendar, which aggregates and disseminates information about community-wide BPC events.

Departmental BPC Plan Events

A Departmental BPC Plan serves to coordinate BPC activities within a department and provide context for the activities proposed by PIs in their Project BPC Plan.

Project BPC Plan Events

A Project BPC Plan is submitted to NSF as a supplementary document that details the proposed BPC activities of the PIs. A Project BPC Plan may reference and link to one or more Departmental BPC Plans.

Upcoming Departmental BPC Plan Events:

BPCnet.org, in collaboration with the NSF, is hosting two in-person Departmental BPC Plan Workshops at SIGCSE 2023 and one in Atlanta, GA in collaboration with Morehouse College. Please see below for the details of each session:

2023 Departmental BPC Plan Workshop: Fully- funded workshop in collaboration with Morehouse College

  • Date: Tuesday, May 30th- Thursday, June 1st, 2023
  • Description: The workshop will present information on Departmental BPC Plans, hands-on activities and resources to develop Plans, and the opportunity to engage with BPC Plan consultants.
  • Website: https://bpcnet.org/workshop/


Upcoming Project BPC Plan Events:


Currently, there are no upcoming Project BPC Plan events.

Please check back later for more updates.

Past Departmental BPC Plan Events:

Departmental BPC Plan Workshops at SIGCSE 2023

  • Dates: Friday, March 17th- Saturday, March 18th, 2023
  • Description: Two hands-on sessions for creating department-level Plans to coordinate Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) work. Departmental BPC Plans can help provide continuity and greater impact in BPC work and provide opportunities for more faculty to engage. The workshop was organized around a series of guided hands-on activities; selecting and refining specific goals and activities, with the final result being an outline of a full Departmental BPC Plan. The speakers will also include some discussion of the next steps, the verification process, and an invitation to our active Slack workspace.
  • Website: https://sigcse2023.sigcse.org/program/program-sigcse-ts-2023/#

2022 Departmental BPC Plan Workshop

  • Description: This two-day workshop was designed to help participants understand the new NSF CISE BPC Plan guidelines for BPC Plans. Participants also had the opportunity to update their existing Departmental BPC Plans or create a new Departmental BPC Plan with the support and feedback of BPC Consultants.
  • Dates: August 3rd- 5th, 2022
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Available Resources: Agenda and Slides

Departmental BPC Plan Working Sessions

  • Description: The Working Sessions were designed to support departments in creating or updating their BPC Plans. In these sessions, the speakers provided an overview of the updated guidelines for submitting BPC Plans, measuring the impact of BPC Plans, and overcoming institutional barriers.
  • Date(s): October 22nd, 2021 and November 18th, 2021
  • Location: Virtual
  • Available Resources: Overview of BPC Plan Updates, Creating or Updating Your Project BPC Plan, and Session Recording

Departmental BPC Plan Writing Workshop Series

  • Description: A multi-day informational workshop about Departmental BPC Plans. Participants will be able to talk to BPC Consultants to get advice about their specific situation. The schedule includes hands-on writing sessions to allow participants to apply the information they learned.
  • Date(s): July 13-14, 2020 (Workshop 1); August 6-7 & 13, 2020 (Workshop 2); October 29, 2020, November 12, 2020, & December 3, 2020 (Workshop 3)
  • Location: Virtual
  • Page: https://bpcnet.org/virtual-workshop/
  • Available Resources, Workshop 1 & 2: Slides; Video

Developing Department Plans for Broadening Participation in Computing for NSF Grants

  • Description: Pre-symposium at the SIGCSE conference
  • Date(s): March 11, 2020
  • Location: Virtual pre-symposium at the SIGCSE conference
  • Available Resources: Slides; Video

Departmental Plans for Broadening Participation in Computer Science

  • Description: A multi-day informational workshop about Departmental BPC Plans. Participants will be able to talk to BPC Consultants to get advice about their specific situation.
  • Date(s): November 13-15, 2019
  • Location: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Page: https://publish.illinois.edu/nsf-broadening-participation/
  • Available Resources: Slides

Past Project BPC Plan Events:


Writing a BPC Plan for Your NSF Proposal

  • Description: Hear from NSF Program officer Dr. Jeff Forbes and BPCnet.org contributor Dr. Colleen Lewis about strategies for developing an impactful BPC Plan for submission with CISE NSF proposals.
  • Date(s): Note: this entry represents three sessions of the same event, which occurred on July 16, 2020; August 18, 2020; and November 2, 2020.
  • Location: Virtual
  • Available Resources, 7/2020: Slides; Video
  • Available Resources, 8/2020: Slides; Video 
  • Available Resources, 11/2020: Slides; Video

Resources for Impactful BPC Plans

  • Date(s): August 4, 2020
  • Location: Virtual
  • Available Resources: Video

BPC Plans for NeTS and CNS researchers