About BPCnet

The BPCnet Resource Portal seeks to amplify efforts in broadening participation in computing. This portal is for NSF PIs and Department Chairs as a resource to simplify and increase significance of the Broader Impacts components of every CISE proposal and Departmental Plan. The BPCnet Resource Portal is a clearinghouse for the community to learn about and engage with ongoing projects to diversify computing.

BPCnet has been generously supported by the following NSF grants:

  • CNS-1830364–EAGER: BPCnet: A Broadening Participation Resource Portal
  • CNS-2032231–BPC Plan Workshop Series
  • CNS-1940460– BPCnet: Scaling Up the Impact of NSF CISE Broadening Participation Activities
“Our research cannot reach its full potential for societal benefits if we are missing out on the ideas and intellect of a majority of our Nation’s population.  Through BPCnet, the full CISE research population will together move the needle on these issues by plugging into long-term departmental plans and community expertise.”
– Margaret Martonosi, CISE AD, National Science Foundation