Verified Departmental BPC Plans

The BPCnet Resource Portal provides the opportunity for departments to have their Departmental BPC Plan read and verified by a BPC Plan Consultant. This verification process ensures that the Departmental BPC Plan satisfies the recommendations, so that departments can implement their plan with confidence. Are you currently developing your Departmental BPC Plan? We encourage you to review the verified Plans listed below, which may help guide your own Departmental BPC Plan.

If your completed Departmental BPC Plan does not appear in the list below, you can submit your completed Plan for verification by BPC Plan Consultants. If your Departmental BPC Plan is not ready to submit for verification, consider using our free BPC Plan Consultancy service, where you can make an individual appointment with a BPC Plan Consultant to review the current draft of your BPC Plan.

The following Departmental BPC Plans have been verified by

Department of Computer Science Plans
Department of Computer Science & Engineering Plans
Department of Business Plans
School-level Plans

Note: This list is regularly updated as more Departmental BPC Plans are verified.