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AccessComputing: Partner Program

Org: AccessComputing

AccessComputing helps students with disabilities successfully pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in computing fields, and works to increase the capacity of postsecondary institutions and other organizations to fully include students with disabilities in computing courses and programs.

Partners are a crucial component of the AccessComputing project. Partners:

  1. engage with other partners in bi-monthly multi-media conferences;
  2. participate in project training and an online community of practice;
  3. commit to taking steps that will make computing courses, resources, programs, and/or project activities more welcoming and accessible to individuals with disabilities; and
  4. gather data used to measure progress of increasing the number of students with disabilities who have majors, complete degrees, and participate in programs in computing disciplines.

A departmental plan could specify that they will become an AccessComputing partner and appoint a faculty member to serve as a representative. A CISE PI could commit to representing their department or an organization they are a part of as an AccessComputing partner. The time commitment is approximately one hour/month for a recurring meeting with the opportunity to participate in other events.

More information is available on our website about the AccessComputing Partners.


Departmental, Partnering

Intended Level(s)
Early Career, Graduate, Mid Career, Undergraduate

Intended Population
Persons with Disabilities

Program Costs

Program Matching Funds Available?
There is no cost associated with becoming a partner. AccessComputing may be able to provide support and/or resources to partners. Contact us to discuss your activity.

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