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AccessComputing: Accessibility Hackathon

Org: AccessComputing

Hackathons bring together people to create real, working solutions to technology related problems over the course of an event. Hackathons create a collaborative environment of passionate and talented individuals working and learning together to solve problems with new and innovative solutions. Hackathons focusing on the accessibility of IT for people with disabilities can be used to introduce computing students and professionals to accessibility issues and solutions and increase their awareness about the need for making technologies that they design accessible to a broad audience that includes people with disabilities.

AccessComputing has hosted similar hackathons and can work with individuals interested in developing a similar event. A department or CISE PI can specify that they will organize a hackathon focused on accessibility.

More information about planning an accessibility-related hackathon is available at on our website.

Departmental, Partnering

Intended Level(s)
Early Career, Graduate, Mid Career, Undergraduate

Intended Population
Persons with Disabilities

Program Costs
$100-$500. Depending on costs for materials, room and catering costs, as well as honorarium for panelists/judges.

Program Matching Funds Available?
AccessComputing may be able to provide support and/or resources. Contact us to discuss your activity.

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