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NCWIT: EngageCSEdu

Org: National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)

CISE Researchers and their departments can use EngageCSEdu as a dissemination venue for materials they have created as part of their funded research (if the materials qualify for the collection). To understand how this can work, see

CISE Researchers can also join the EngageCSEdu reviewer pool and encourage others to use and contribute to the collection.

EngageCSEdu can be incorporated into a PD or Departmental Plans by adopting the Engagement Practices Framework as a model for evaluating and encouraging effective teaching as part of PD or in the department. PD participants can be encouraged to submit their materials to the collection as a project outcome.The Framework can be used as a means of educating new faculty and graduate students. Departments can include language in promotion and tenure documents acknowledging that having materials accepted into the collection is partial evidence of excellence in teaching, and that being a reviewer for the collection is similar to reviewing for an academic journal. The department can include in their formal plans mechanisms for encouraging and supporting faculty and graduate students to submit their introductory level course materials to the collection. Departments can actively encourage use of the collection by introductory instructors. CISE PIs can be part of a network of faculty committed to sharing resources supporting inclusive enrollment in CS courses, combating stereotype threat, promoting a growth mindset for student development, and aligning their CS courses with the best collective knowledge of evidence-based retention practices

EngageCSEdu helps broaden participation in computing by empowering faculty to improve curriculum and pedagogy in introductory courses so that ALL students are engaged, feel included, and are part of an inclusive student culture. It includes a living collection of peer-reviewed introductory CS course materials and an Engagement Practices Framework.EngageCSEdu has two components. The first is a living, open-source collection of computer science course materials submitted by and designed for use by high school teachers and instructors of introductory level college courses. The second is a framework of research-based teaching practices for broadening participation in computing through excellent pedagogy and curriculum: the NCWIT Engagement Practices Framework. All course materials submitted to EngageCSEdu undergo a peer-review process much like an academic journal. In addition, all materials in the collection make use of at least one NCWIT Engagement Practice (EP). The collection is highly searchable and integrated with the Engagement Practices Framework.

Since launch, EngageCSEdu has had over a quarter million pageviews and has hosted over 66,000 sessions. EngageCSEdu has a regular column in ACM Inroads magazine.

Time Commitment. Submitting materials to the collection takes ~5-20 hours. Being a reviewer is also similar to being a reviewer for an academic journal.

Departmental, Partnering

Intended Level(s)
Early Career, Graduate, High School, Mid Career, Undergraduate

Intended Population
American Indian or Alaska Native, Black or African American, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Persons with Disabilities, Women

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