Working Sessions for Departmental BPC Plans


In September of 2021, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate of Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering (CISE) announced an updated Core Programs solicitation (NSF 21-616) with new guidelines for submitting Project Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) Plans.

The two biggest changes to these guidelines:

  • There are now two types of Project BPC Plans that Principal Investigators (PIs) can submit: Standalone Project BPC Plans and Connected Project BPC Plans. Connected Project BPC Plans include a Departmental BPC Plan.
  • All Medium project proposals to the Core Programs solicitation (NSF 21-616) must include a Project BPC Plan as supplementary documentation at the time of submission. This means that Departmental BPC Plans may be submitted as part of a proposal and therefore must follow PAPPG formatting.

To support departments in updating or creating their Departmental BPC Plan, will host two working sessions:


These working sessions are open to any faculty or staff in a computing-related department who are involved in the updating of their currently existing Departmental BPC Plan, or who are interested in creating a Departmental BPC Plan. Non-academic staff, research institute personnel, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) professionals, and leaders from other broadening participation-related organizations are also encouraged to attend. Registrants do not need to have prior experience developing Departmental BPC Plans.



Register for one or both working sessions here:

Can’t attend either working session? offers a free consultancy service. Click here to schedule an appointment with a BPC Plan consultant who can help you select the right BPC Plan option for your context, help you think about your activities, or provide feedback on your BPC Plan prior to submission.