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CERP: Data Buddies Project

Org: Computing Research Association - CERP

The Data Buddies Project, also known as the Data Buddies Survey (DBS), collects national survey data from undergraduate and graduate students in computing and technology fields.

DBS collects a wide range of survey data important for the community, such as students’ academic and social background, information on students’ attrition and persistence in degree programs and future careers, perceptions of the academic department, and psychological well being.

Why should you (and your department) join Data Buddies?

By participating in Data Buddies, you support research that can impact future generations of computing researchers, and by extension, the broader STEM community. You also contribute to the continued efforts to diversify and strengthen the domestic talent pool in computing.

  • For your BPC Program/CISE Proposal: You can have your BPC program/activity evaluated through Data Buddies. CERP can compare your students to either of the following groups depending on your needs: (1) other students in your department, or (2) a national sample of students at similar institutions. Through this evaluation, you can measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your program/activity. (Cost: $500)
  • For your department’s BPC efforts: You can better understand and track your students’ educational experiences and career trajectories through the departmental reports you will receive every year. These reports will also compare your institution to similar institutions. Using this information, you can measure your department’s success in broadening participation in computing. (Cost: Free)

The Data Buddies Project is managed by the Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline (CERP). CERP’s mission is to increase diversity in the field of computing research through evaluation and research.

Departmental, Partnering

Intended Level(s)
Graduate, Undergraduate

Intended Population
American Indian or Alaska Native, Black or African American, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Persons with Disabilities, Women

Program Costs
Free to join, $500 for program evaluation

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